Bilateral Assistance

The transfer of Lithuania’s experience in the transition into a democratic state and market economy is the key priority of bilateral development cooperation with partner countries and the strength of Lithuania as a donor. Lithuania seeks to effectively share its reform experience with EU Eastern Partnership countries, as well as disseminate it in other regions undergoing transformation. Lithuania has deep understanding of political systems in the Eastern Partnership countries as well as their economic, social, and cultural characteristics as well as specific issues. With the increasing donor experience, Lithuania can better assess the needs of these countries and more effectively use its own comparative advantage over other donor countries. An important role in development cooperation activities lies with the Lithuanian diplomatic missions accredited in partner countries as they manage their own assistance projects and help to improve aid effectiveness.

The priority geographical areas of Lithuania’s development cooperation are Eastern Partnership countries as well as countries of migration origin and transit.

In compliance with the objectives of the EU’s Eastern Partnership policy and Riga summit declaration and with regard to accumulated experience in its own relations with these countries, Lithuania primarily provides bilateral assistance to those countries that have signed association agreements with the EU (Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova).

In Lithuania, in the field of democracy and human rights, international organizations are active Lithuanian development cooperation partners: non-governmental organizations such as Freedom House, National Democratic Institute, Pact Europe, Forum Syd (Sweden), SILC (Sweden), Adenauer Foundation (Germany), International Republican Institute (International Republican Institute) and Internews (USA) have their branch offices In Vilnius. By joining efforts with the international community residing in Vilnius, Lithuania is becoming one of the strongest support centers for the democratization in Eastern Europe.

Considering the needs of developing countries and Lithuania‘s foreign policy priorities and with regard to its own capabilities, Lithuania provides assistance to other countries that are included in the list of aid recipients by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

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