Global Education

Global education is an active teaching and learning process aimed at helping individuals understand global challenges and their causes, understand the effect of their choices on global processes, enable individuals and society to take action and cooperate actively in developing a fairer world based on mutual respect and understanding.

Global education contributes to raising awareness of certain problems, deeper contextual understanding of these problems, encourages people to think about their role in solving these problems and to change their attitude and behaviour, motivates and empowers to act actively and responsibly.

The purpose of global education is to develop global citizenship competences which are an integral part of the identity of a Lithuanian citizen.

Global education is based on increasing interaction and interdependency of global events, phenomena and people. Education must develop the ability of learners to think and live globally enabling them not only to understand and discuss the interaction of social, political and environmental problems but also act for the benefit of common future of the world.

In 13 April 2015, Vilnius hosted the first international conference on global education. The Global Education Scenario: From Concept to Action was one of the Lithuanian events dedicated to 2015 as the European Year for Development. The aim of this international conference was to build a common concept of global education and strengthen its role at various levels of the system. The following topics were discussed during the event: global education in Lithuania and Europe, implementation and results of global education in Europe, links between global education and realities of daily life. The draft Lithuanian Conceptual Framework of Global Education was presented during the conference for the first time.