The estimation of the costs of implementing the activities (incurred in Lithuania) is based on the market price analysis of goods and services prepared by the European Social Fund Agency Document in Lithuanian:

The remuneration for the experts shall be determined in accordance with the European Commission's practice in the implementation of Twinning projects. The daily salary of an expert shall not exceed EUR 350. This amount does not include travel expenses, accommodation, daily allowances and other mission expenses, determined Resolution No 526 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 29 April 2004 On the payment of daily subsistence allowances and other mission expenses.

Acquisition of fixed assets are eligible costs when:

  • Fixed assets are the direct costs of the project;
  • Purchase of fixed assets is necessary to achieve results;
  • The sustainability of the project results is assured (i.e., the fixed assets will be put to good use in the future).

Applicant's financial contribution is optional, but the application is awarded extra points if the applicant contributes to the project with its own contribution (which may be financial and / or in-kind).

The maximum amount of the project estimate is not determined, but it should be taken into account that the total amount specified in the call will be distributed to all projects selected under the nineteen concepts presented.